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Sustainability Heroes, 5 Inspiring Celebrities Take Action

Why is it important to know celebrities supporting sustainability? You see, with the growing environment and sustainability issue, we need more and more people to spread the words. And to tell you the truth, celebrities can create such a huge impact and influence others easily. 

The changes happening to our planet are threatening humans and their civilization, along with quality of life. Basically, these changes affect EVERYONE. That’s why some celebrities are very concerned with this issue, and they have actively taken part in many environmental events. Some of them have been known as celebrity activists that promote sustainability through public engagement. 

The Important Role of Celebrities Supporting Sustainability 

Because of their popularity and well-known status, celebrities can seriously influence a lot of people. They can also create positive inspiration, especially in different areas. Celebrities can make people become aware about environmental issues, including climate change. With their status, they can even create a culture. 

These celebrity activists are often viewed as role models, which make them ideal to promote the sustainability options in the most positive manner possible. With a large fan base, these celebrities can advocate the issues while coming with the right solutions (and efforts) for those climate concerns. They can ‘advise’ people to switch to cleaner energy or provide examples on how environmentally safe practices can be done – and possibly doable. 

Celebrities are the ambassadors of good deeds. They can make a positive impact: creating a better world and setting a solid example for future generations. Their followers can follow their footsteps and create a chain of good deeds for others to follow. 

Angelina Jolie

Not only is she often involved in humanitarian projects, but she has also launched her own fashion brand that is said to be eco-friendly and environmentally sustainable. Her brand is known as Atelier Jolie and it’s designed to be a place where creative people and skilled tailors from all over the world can work together. Her products are made from overstock and leftover (luxury) vintage materials, so it won’t burden the landfill. Her energy has been focused on environmental and humanitarian issues and she doesn’t seem to stop now. 

Mark Ruffalo

You probably know him from the Marvel Universe as the Hulk, but he’s definitely the soft-hearted giant. He has taken part in sustainability projects and events for more than a decade. It started with The Solution Project, where he co-founded it. It is a nonprofit organization focusing on climate justice solutions for a regenerative and equitable economy. 


He also set up the Water Defence project for anti-fracking purposes. Right now, he has focused his attention on forever chemicals, criticizing the government for not taking any action against it. 

Ian Somerhalder

The actor is very passionate about environmental issues. It’s so much that he was willing to give up his acting career so he can work on a regenerative farm. Not only has he adopted an eco (and also planet) friendly lifestyle, but he has also set up his own foundation, known as Ian Somerhalder Foundation. It focuses on the environment, where the foundation has taken part in Years of Living Dangerously, a documentary about climate change. 

The actor has also produced another documentary, the Common Ground, where he narrated and also produced. He has a deep and serious concern in regenerative agriculture, and his documentary is often about the subject. 

Shailene Woodley

The actress has worked together with Greenpeace to tackle plastic issues. They have had a pretty long collaborative project since 2019. In that year, Woodley was appointed as the Greenpeace Ocean Ambassador. In 2023, she took part in the organization’s demonstration about reducing plastic consumption. 

Her reputation in environmental protests has been quite known. In 2016, the actress was arrested during the Dakota Access Pipeline. But because of her involvement, the campaign had gone viral and become a national issue. Up until now, Woodley is still known for her participation and it seems that she will continue her efforts when it comes to sustainability and environmental concern.

Natalie Portman

The actress has been known for her personal preference against environmental problems and climate change. She likes to buy vintage clothes instead of buying new ones. She doesn’t mind wearing the same clothes again and again. And she likes a plant-based diet because it’s sustainable. 

She’s also known for her participation in the new sustainability plan of  LVMH, considering that she was appointed one of Paris UNESCO panelists. The company has a plan to reinforce their already existing sustainability plans, covering their sub-companies like Sephora, Tiffany, and Bulgari.

Portman’s participation isn’t only limited to the environment, but it also covers gender equality. In fact, she is pretty serious about this matter. She often becomes the spokesperson of projects. She last talked in the Sustainable Development Goals event (belonging to the UN) about the urgency of all countries to focus on efforts to stop violence with gender basis practice. 


There are still more celebrities out there that function as environmental activists. Jane Fonda, Leonardo DiCaprio, Stella McCartney, or Emma Watson are some celebrities supporting sustainability. You can definitely follow their footsteps. 

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