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Chinese Athlete Zhang Zhijie Collapsed and Died after Competing in Indonesia, What Really Happened?

Chinese youth badminton player, Zhang Zhijie, suddenly collapsed on the court against Japan’s Kazuma Kawamo in the last match of the group D stage of the 2024 BNI Badminton Asia Junior Championships in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, on Sunday night (30/6). The medical team stated to the official team from China that Zhang had passed away at 20:50 WIB at Dr. Hardjo Lukito Hospital.

“Badminton Asia, PBSI, and the Organizing Committee, are immensely saddened and expressed their deepest condolences to Zhang’s parents, family, and the Chinese Badminton Association (CBA). The world of badminton has lost a talented player,” Badminton Asia wrote in an official statement on Monday (1/7/2024).

Medical Treatment to Zhang Zhijie

Zhang Zhijie collapsed when competing in Indonesia.

The death of the 17-year-old athlete made the public mourn and regretted the slow response of the relevant parties due to being bound by regulations. PBSI Head of Public Relations, Broto Happy, revealed the medical team’s handling of Zhang. Moments after he collapsed, the medical team and tournament doctor entered the field after getting a call from the referee. They conducted initial survey checks and first aid according to procedure.

“This is a regulation or SOP and guideline that applies in every international badminton tournament from BWF and Badminton Asia,” said Broto in a press conference at Dr. Sardjito Hospital, on Tuesday (2/7/2024).

After providing first aid, the tournament doctor fled Zhang to Dr. S. Hardjolukito Air Force Central Hospital using an ambulance 4.7 kilometers away from the tournament site.

Arriving at the ER of Dr. S. Hardjolukito Hospital, Broto continued, and the medical team assessed Zhang. They found that there was no pulse and no spontaneous breathing, so they performed an external heart massage.

This procedure lasted three hours using a breathing apparatus.  However, Zhang’s body did not show a spontaneous circulation response, instead secondary signs of death began to appear.

“The medical team has declared the victim dead at 20.50 WIB to the official team from China,” said Broto.

However, in that condition, officials from China asked Zhang to be transferred to Dr. Sardjito Central General Hospital (RSUP) for further management. Broto said that Zhang arrived at the ER of Dr. Sardjito Hospital in a condition of no breath, and no pulse, accompanied by signs of secondary death.

At the ER of Dr. Sardjito Hospital, the medical team continued to perform heart and lung resuscitation on Zhang for an hour and a half. However, there was still no spontaneous circulation response, so they could not perform further treatment.

After the medical team gave an explanation to the official team from China, they stopped the external heart massage at 23:20 WIB and declared that Zhang was dead.

“Thus, the conclusion of the examination and treatment of the victim both at RSPAU Dr. S. Hardjolukito and RSUP Dr. Sardjito showed the same result, namely the victim experienced sudden cardiac arrest,” Broto said.

Until this news is published, Zheng Ziejie’s body is still at Dr. Sardjito Hospital waiting for her parents to come from China.

“We will take full responsibility for the process of returning the body to the country of origin and escort it to completion. We appeal to give time and privacy to Zhang’s family and the Chinese team,” Broto concluded.

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