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Bag Trends in 2024: What’s New and Which One for You?

What would be the next bag trends in 2024? We all know that fashion is always changing, going along with seasons and years. The same thing also applies to bag and purse, as they are a part of the fashion industry. A lot of people don’t think of the bags as an important part of their style, but if you want to have a complete fashion appearance (and you want to make a statement), you need to think about your bags carefully. 

Bag Trends in 2024: What’s Changing?

In the last few years, people own luxury and branded bags as trophies. It means that they mostly keep those bags in their precious display cabinet instead of actually using the bags. Well, the trend seems to change now as more and more people realize that bags aren’t only fashion statement – they should have similar functionalities as their clothing. In fact, it would be even better when the bags and the clothes can complement each other, sharing greater function and visual refreshment. 

If you have seen some of the latest runway shows, you’ll see that bags aren’t just empty and used as accessories. The models are actually showing the real usage as well as different ways to personalize the looks. That’s why the bags are coming with charms, trinkets, and keychains. These bags can be incorporated into your daily look, showing off their true functions. 

The 2024 Trends 

Whether you pick a bag for the beach or for formal office meeting, it doesn’t hurt to learn some of the interesting trends in 2024. Not only you can carry your important essentials, but they can boost your appearance without you having to break a sweat or overdo anything. 

You should pick a bag that represents you. It’s your personal fashion statement, subtly telling others of what kind of personalities you have. Yes, you’d be surprised to learn a lot about a person from their bag. With the 2024 trend focusing on function and usage, you’ll find a lot of unique and versatile bags; not only limited to the high-end and luxury items. 

Bucket Bag

First created in 1932, originally as a carrier bag for the champagne, the bag has undergone a long way of transformation. Since then, it has been chosen as the jet-setters’ bag, as a statement of exclusivity and luxury. Some people may call it the mini bag or the mini handbag, but they share similar essential concept: to show poise and elegance in a very exclusive way. If you want some examples or inspirations, you can check Stella McCartney runways, along with Michael Kors and Gucci. 

Woven Bags

Brown woven bag

The latest bag trend is to wear woven bags, which are surprisingly looking stylish and good. Who would have thought that woven stuff can look very luxurious and elegant? It’s the reminiscent of the past when Audrey Hepburn and Jane Birkin were in love with the wicker bags. They loved wearing the bags, especially when they were heading into holiday destinations. 

Woven bags are chic and stylish, and they are surprisingly timeless. You can use the bags for your everyday occasions, whether as the office bags or the picnic basket. Another unique trend is the raffia. There are bags that are made from weave craft and raffia altogether, creating very unique look. Not to mention that they also come in fun colors. Really, you will have a lot of fun with these bags. 

Oversized Bags

These bags are timeless. They have never been outdated or gone old. Plus, this kind of bag is proven to have tons of functionalities. You can carry anything you like and be sure that your bags would be able to accommodate them. 

If you have an active lifestyle and you are always moving around, having an oversized bag is a lifesaver. Some of the bags are made from very sturdy materials, such as canvas or cotton linen, for even tougher usage. Who says you can’t look fashionable while busily doing errands?


Not everyone thinks that clutches are perfect for everyday usage, but they can be quite versatile for everyday use – not only for formal events or fancy occasions. Clutches may look simple, but do you know that they are available in various materials, sizes, and shapes? Thanks to these factors, you can style up your appearance without compromising elegance. Whether you want to have a fun girl night or an important business meeting, the perfect clutch can seriously improve your style. 

Beaded Bags

This is another unique trend where you can instantly have one-of-a-kind appearance, simply by choosing the right bag. Beads can deliver beautiful statement to complement your look. Whether you choose the embroidered sequins or the beaded fringe, rest assured that you can create effortless elegance and beauty without you even try so hard!

Whatever your bags preference, it doesn’t really matter. These bag trends are only example that you can create stylish and effortless charm, simply by picking the right bag. Which one is your favorite for bag trends in 2024?